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What to consider before installing a curbless shower


A curbless shower is a shower that has no barriers — a seamless design without a divide between the bathroom and shower floor. When designing your bathroom renovation, you may be considering this option.

In recent years, curbless walk-in showers have become an extremely popular choice when bathroom remodeling. While there are several advantages to choosing a curbless shower, there are also several things to consider before opting for this trend. 

Maximizes your space

Many people think that only extra-large bathrooms are able to accommodate a curbless shower. However, designers will often recommend a curbless shower to give smaller-sized bathrooms a more spacious look.

Because curbless showers are seamless and styled as an open-layout, they’ve become an extremely favorable way to create more space in a bathroom. This especially goes for home-owners who don’t have a lot of square-footage in their bathroom, and would like to create more room for other fixtures — like a larger vanity or more room for storage.

A more complicated installation process

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, curbless showers do require slightly more detail than their curbed counterparts, and therefore demand more labor-intensive work. During the installation process, you can expect your shower to need a special drainage system, and cutting into the foundation to create an ideal slope.

Your new shower will also require professional waterproofing on both the floors and walls, as curbless showers are more likely to experience issues with moisture retention from general wear & tear. 

They can be more expensive

Because of the additional labour it takes to build a curbless shower, this does mean that the cost of a curbless shower might be slightly more than a typical curbed shower design.

While it can cost as low as $8,000 for a stand-up shower, the extra labour it takes for a curbless walk-in shower can bring that cost to as much as  $15,000 (this includes the cost of labour and the fixtures). However, if you decide to go for a doorless design, this will help cut costs by eliminating the installation of any glassware. 

They’re safer and alleviate any tripping hazards

It’s simple: a curbless shower means that it’s easier to get in and out of.  For the vulnerable, stepping into a bathtub can quickly become a dangerous task. If you reside with children, seniors, or someone who may need help getting in & out of the tub, a curbless shower is a safe option to consider.

Showers with curbs always pose a risk to tripping and falling, and curbless showers reduce the risk of any accidents occurring. A curbless showers offers better functionality, accessibility, and safety for everyone in your home. 

Exudes a more stylish, luxurious look

There’s a good reason why so many people are choosing curbless showers for their bathroom redesign: it adds a simple kind of luxury to any shower. Not only does it make the room look less cluttered, your tile surface can be the same as the rest of the bathroom floor. This will provide beautiful design continuity throughout the room.

Designers will often compare curbless bathroom designs with a sense of walking into a spa. Without the obstacle or clunkiness of a curb, the wall-to-wall floor composition creates the look of a bathroom oasis. This is particularly observable if you have a small or medium-sized bathroom. 

You may want heated floors

One thing to consider when remodelling your bathroom to a curbless design is to add heated floors. It’s not uncommon for people to find their curbless showers drafty, especially if they chose a design without a door. 

A heated tile floor is a great way to keep the cold from getting in the way of a relaxing shower. If you’re already changing the flooring of your bathroom & shower, this additional installation should be an easy process for your contractor. The total cost can range anywhere from $1000-1500 for all of the labour and materials.

They are easier to clean and maintain

Removing the curb from your shower also allows for easier maintenance. Turning the bathroom into a seamless space means easier maneuvering for everyday cleaning. A curbless shower also doesn’t have surface joints, so there are less places for mildew to build-up overtime. 

While installing a curbless shower will require a good amount of planning, the final product will be make it worthwhile. This upgrade can make all the difference to achieve the best spa-like oasis in the middle of your home.

With that being said, the most important part about installing a curbless shower is to ensure that it’s done properly. Speak to a contractor you can trust before-hand and do your research. While installing a curbless shower will most definitely require a good amount of planning, the end product will be absolutely worth it.

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