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We create beautiful bathrooms starting at $13,000.

Your perfect bathroom is more than just a pipe-dream.

Less change-orders.

More beautiful bathrooms.

How It Works

Step 1. Choose your preferred style: Contemporary, Minimalist, etc.

Bohemian Style$13,420 - $15,4004. Renovation Starts3. Speak to a PM2. See Price1. Select a Design

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Simple Zen

$17,590 - $19,650

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a quote?

0-2 days
3 weeks

While it normally takes about 3 weeks to get a bathroom quote, you can see the cost for every bathroom instantly, right on our website. Simply choose the design that you like, and you will see how much each material and labor item costs.

If you want a custom design, we get back to you with a new price breakdown in about 2 days.

How much does it cost to get a bathroom renovation?


In 2017, the average midsize bathroom remodel in Vancouver cost about $21,000, (Cost vs. Value - Pacific).

At Acoutera, our average bathroom costs $16,000. Because we have already pre-determined all of our prices, it takes the Project Manager less and money to do a quote. This also means there are fewer change-orders.

How much do I pay for the design?


At Acoutera, we have revolutionized bathroom design. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a custom rendering made from scratch, simply choose from an existing design that was already created professionally. We partner with the top interior design firms to offer the most beautiful bathroom designs in Vancouver.

Each design costs just 1% of the project total.

Who manages the bathroom renovation?

A dedicated Project Manager manages your entire bathroom renovation from start to finish. Our PM’s and sub-contractors have years of renovation experience. Your house is in good hands.

The PM is responsible for scheduling, communicating with each sub-contractor, and materials delivery. The PM sends daily updates about the status of renovation.

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