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Reinventing the Renovation

Renovating is hard.

It’s a running joke that a renovation will take twice as long and cost twice as much as it’s quoted. We didn’t find that very funny, so we took it upon ourselves to build a tool that shows pricing upfront. Check out our bathroom design studio here (It’s the most advanced 3D bathroom design tool in the world!).

With this tool, we plan our renovation projects in advance. This enables us to guarantee a fixed price for your project. So, the price won’t change unless you decide to add something else.

You can design your bathroom in 3D on our website without having to sign up or download anything. Choose the materials that you like, see how they look together, and view the cost up-front. No surprises, we promise.

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We focus on bathrooms (and we do them really well). 

Our belief is that we must be focused to master a skill. We’re absolutely obsessed with making beautiful bathrooms!

We developed a 60-point quality standard checklist to make sure that every single one of our bathroom projects is done perfectly. We don’t leave until every point is achieved.

These steps ensure that the bathroom is not only built on time, but built in the highest quality.

To make sure we meet this standard every time, we built software to help us better manage projects. It allows us to track the status of the work, and send you daily updates.

We set our schedules in stone and guarantee that they won’t go any longer than expected.

At the end of every day, you will get a notification about what we accomplished, with a plan for the next day. You will also get access to our online dashboard, where you can view progress in real-time.

We cost less than other contractors

Everyone wants a beautiful home, but not everyone can afford to renovate. We wanted to make renovations more accessible, so we searched for ways to reduce pricing.

On average, materials cost about 45% of the total project. By partnering with the largest suppliers in North America, we were able to reduce our costs and save you a whole lot of dough for your one-of-a-kind bathroom.

On top of that, our items get shipped and delivered to your home exactly when they’re needed. This reduces the chance of project delays while waiting for items, while also saving space in your home.


Before we could beat other contractors’ prices, we needed to know what they charge. So we consulted over 100 local general contractors to figure out how they quote their projects.

From this data, we discovered that the average Vancouver bathroom remodel costs about $16,000 for a 40 square foot bathroom.

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Our average bathroom costs substantially less because of our business model. We’re able to quote an average bathroom project at about $13,000 – saving you $2000.

We are so confident is our pricing, that we will match any reputable contractors prices. Simply show us the quote.

We have high standards

Our contractors need to meet rigorous requirements to work with us. On top of that, they must pass several inspections on every single project.

We have developed a 60-point checklist that ensures every project meets our minimum quality standards. It’s the golden standard for quality. Each stage of the project must pass inspection with this checklist before moving on to the next step.

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If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, give us a call and see what you’ve been missing, or simply design your bathroom online!