Reinventing the Renovation
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Reinventing the Renovation

Renovating the home is really, really hard… and even more expensive. There’s a running joke in the industry: the schedule is always twice as long, and the price is twice as high. We at Acoutera, don’t think this joke is very funny.

We have reinvented the entire renovation process by “pre-packaging” design, connecting people to the most relevant tradespeople, and deploying a Project Manager to each job-site.

Most notably, we strive to provide a world-class renovation experience on every project.

Acoutera is 25% (at least) cheaper than the competition

Acoutera has made renovations simple, and not just for the wealthy. Our goal is to provide this experience for all homeowners. This is why we take a small margin versus the industry standard.
  • A traditional bathroom remodel on the West Coast costs US$21,000 (Cost vs. Value 2017), at Acoutera this costs CAD$16,000.
  • A midrange Vancouver kitchen remodel will run US$69,000, while our average ticket price is only CAD$44,000.
  • What about basements? Homeowners save US$22,000 on average when renovating their basements with us, versus the standard CAD$84,000.

Since we pre-package design, we know the exact material and labor costs before the project starts. This means our change-order rate is less than 10%.

How it Works

Streamlined Design

We save homeowners stress and time by curating a selection of full bathroom designs that include all of the details. Simply choose your favourite design, or build your own.

Each pre-packaged design includes a price range, a timeline, the best contractors for the job, and all of the fixtures and finishes.

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We offer preset design-packages, or you can design your bathroom online



At Acoutera we believe that you should be in control of your own renovation.

You have the ability to modify the details of each design, or build your own from scratch. Choose your favourite floor tile, wall tile (or paint), vanity, and even fixture. We have created photo-realistic renders for any combination of materials that you desire.



Build your bathroom using our bathroom cost calculator


Dedicated Project Manager

Now the renovation starts, and the homeowner can relax. A dedicated Acoutera Project Manager handles the entire renovation from start to finish, managing the scheduling, communication with contractors, and materials delivery.

The PM sends our customers daily project updates, and is always a text-message away. We strive to provide our customers a world-class renovation experience.

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Homeowners can view the status of their renovation from their online dashboard (in development).

Rate Each Contractor

After the project is complete, each on-site sub-contractor can be rated. This helps future homeowners make decisions about who to hire, and who to avoid. 

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Each sub-contractor gets a rating at the end of their project upon final payment.